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Amin Infotech has a dependable technical expert staff, which is not only experienced, but also is dexterous at handling the development of a website from its initiation to the fall of curtains. Like there has to be incorporation of firm decision, hard work and dedication to succeed in life in the same way composition of a tip to toe smooth venturing, viable and commercial website too has its own prerequisites. It requires at least a precise and comprehensive task listing timetable and a team of technical experts to make that outline a reality.

Amin Infotech has elegant designed an systematic way of developing your website. It incorporates crystal clear interaction between all channels and at all levels so that we can help you to see your site come into being to match the one you desire.


Amin Infotech consults you for the details of the project such as, the scope of the project, the timeframe, explicit instructions and the minutest details to be considered. All the necessary requirements for the project are discussed and agreed upon. Agreement on what the function, necessities and content of the website is to be is the most vital factor. We summaries your business needs, priorities and how the website will satisfy them. Then we come up with a detailed timetable along with an estimated budget for developing the website. Initial draft of the project plan erases any leftover doubts too.

Inventions and Strategic

Every magnum opus begins with a single notion, outline of flow chart of the overall construction of your website, from the home page to the contact us/response page is the first step in strategic invention of your website.

Ultimate Realization

Graphical interface, templates, designs and samples that will best complement and harmonize your company's vision and intensify its market goodwill, products and values are decoded. Every nook and corner, the color scheme to the decor, will be cautiously premeditated to ensure significance, compatibility, excellence and eminence. Projected content for each specific page of your site is rolled out to blend with the design of each specific page. Updating complexity and loading time for the website are contemplated and a prototype website is uploaded on our server for your review and feedback.

Submission and support:

The instant our prototype is chastely approved by you, our technical expert staff of graphics designers and programmers begin the real task of coding of the website and applications integration. From programming to the scripting, database development to the final testing, your website is proficiently fabricated and impeccably marshaled.

The carefully woven and thoroughly tested, fully functional website is presented and handed over to you. Any and every query about the functionality of the site is thoroughly explained and functionally demonstrated. We move forward into a website maintenance program for the website, or simply hand it over to your company, as per your plans and preference.

Our Web Development Services Spectrum:

Web Application Development
E-Commerce Solutions
Open Source Development