Amin Infotech outsourcing division keeps your businesses IT operations running day-to-day. We work with clients to ensure they understand the benefits as well as the potential drawbacks of outsourcing their IT services. Our customer focus and customized approach allow us to tailor our approach to supplement your existing IT resources or assume the role of your IT department.

Managed IT Services

Amin Infotech' Managed IT Services tailor to your organization helping you maximize your IT return on investment while minimizing the impact on your business from the threats of the Internet.

Help Desk Services

For quick troubleshooting of your issues, our Help Desk is equipped with the latest in remote technologies allowing your issues to be addressed in real-time while you watch.

Backup Solutions

Data loss is one of the greatest impacts to businesses today. Amin Infotech works with clients to establish Backup routines to protect against data failures.

Security Solutions

Not all threats to security come from outside your organization. Amin Infotech reviews networks to identify vulnerabilities and manages policies to protect you.

IT Monitoring and Maintenance

Viruses, Hackers and other network risks feed on outdated computers and servers. Amin Infotech monitors our client's networks to protect against these threats, while performing IT preventative maintenance.

Performance Management

IT system performance drives business productivity. Amin Infotech organizational focus ensures that resources are allocated efficiently to maximize the return on your investment.

Amin Infotech has an outsourcing division that provides a full range of IT outsourcing and support services for nearly every industry.

We provide IT support services to help keep your business operations running day to day. Through our Help Desk, we offer support in real time to help you quickly resolve any issues. We use advanced remote technologies that allow us to address issues immediately for computers, peripherals, PDAs, servers, switches, as well as software issues.

The consultants at Amin Infotech work to personalize the IT experience for each client. We work closely with you to ensure understand the benefits and potential drawbacks of outsourcing IT services and determine the IT outsourcing services that would most enhance your business and provide the greatest return on investment. We can help with outsourcing services that include managed IT services, help desk, backup, security, IT monitoring and maintenance and performance management.

In our IT outsourcing and IT support services, we always use a customer focus approach. This focus allows us to tailor our services to the specific need of each client. We can help by analyzing your needs and supplementing your existing IT resources or assume the role of your IT department. Please contact us by telephone or email, so we can discuss how our services can benefit your business.

To find out how we can help your organization, please contact one of our friendly sales representatives for a review of your system and a comprehensive (No Obligation) proposal of services please mail to